Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Gummi Knowledge

My daughter bought this bag...

Yummy!  I am eating gummies!  These are especially fresh.  I pull them out of the bag and they feel oily and soft.  Oooo nam nam nam...
Gummi bears are German! Click here to listen
Made me wonder..was I born before they invented gummies?  Why did I not have a passion for gummies until sometime in the 80's?  How could I have missed them...especially when I was a stoner munchie queen from back in the day?  And what came first the gummi bear or the gummi worm?

As I crawl the Virtual Dumpster I call the Internet (namming on deutsche gummibars)...

I Google "gummi bears" and it says:   About 788,000 results (0.10 seconds)

I guess the most popular is the cartoon...I must watch, but will I feel bad as I am eating them as I watch them?

OMG...I would rather eat them then watch them sing.  And apparently this cutezy dance dance revolution style green gummy singer does it in various languages.  Me thought "food" all through the watching.  I had no remorse for eating all the colors. 

I remember this cartoon.  I have been a cartoon watcher all my life.  I remember that they lived in a secret tree and they used a special berry.  I liked the cartoon, but I am still namming on those gummi's all colors!

Furthering my broad spectrum of elder knowledge...the below links is where I found.....


[Link here for the History of Gummi Candy]

[Link here to Black Forrest awesome Flash Website]

[Link here to Gummi Bear Wiki]

E-How has a list of shit you can do with gummi candy. You can make Vodka Soaked Gummi Bears, Gummi Shot glasses,  jewelry....[link here]

I don't want to dwell on what gelatin is, but it is an animal product. This means that Gummi's are not
a food for Vegans.  They have recipes online to make your own vegan gummi bears and links to
purchase from companies.

"The Art Of Shredding" Pantera @ YouTube

I thought I would have " The Old Guitarist" (1903) Picasso shred to the Dime!
The Latest in my "Profane The Arts Boredom Project".


Anonymous said...

I like gummi bears too. Fixes that sweet tooth without being overly sweet. Tim

iconografer said...

they're german? maybe a world conspiracy to get us to say the word 'deutsche'? I like that word...and now I can only think of beer and gummies when I see it. OMFg.

Bouncin' Barb said...

If you like Gummi Bears try the Harbro ones. After eating them I cannot even eat this kind. Seriously, I can eat a whole bag in a couple hours. Then I die with stomach aches. hahah

Bluezy said...

I worked at a Truck Stop for 5 years and even though I ordered and unpacked what I called the groceries from hell...I can only remember Trolli and Black Forrest provided by our vendor. Yet Haribo is an acronym from the inventor's name and the city he lived in. Yes I am now the Oracle of Gummi!
I like the gushies. Don't you?
Someone has got to do the shot glasses...I might have a follow up!

Bluezy said...

I take for granted that you can see the animation without difficulties. I am constructing them with a slow computer. When I look at it on my daughter's lappy, it is fast.
So the guitarist looks like he is thrashing some metal and banging his head.