Saturday, February 19, 2011

Mother Moon

As I crawled into the Virtual Dumpster I call the Internet...
I picked me out some treasure to share!

Diana, Sleeping Full Moon from Kazuya Akimoto  Art [see more]

I Google Image search "full moon art" I get About 36,700,000 results (0.27 seconds)
so many beautiful images. 

Last night the Zodiac was in Leo the moon was FULL and it's name was The Snow Moon... 
[link to each full moon name in 2011]

Kojo no Tsuki by Rentaro Taki. 荒城の月 "The moon of the deserted castle" @ YouTube
A famous Japanese folk song

(btw when you embed a youtube video you can shorten the height in both areas of the code to 27 and get this perfect player strip. height "27" just the value between the quotes. But you must then put a link below so not to disrespect the almighty YouTube).

Dontcha just love a full moon?
It is forever present in our lives.  I consider myself proudly " a lunatic" and when the full moon influences are abound, I need not see her and know she is shining brightly.  As I sit in the dark, looking above when her full face is showing, I confirm with her that I can feel her.  It is not a is an affirmation that you feel and appreciate her glowing beauty in the night!

If you enjoy horror movies and have seen them all or many...
This playlist is for those who have NOT seen the cult classic 
Re-Animator 1985.  

It should be in your DVD library or "have seen" list if you are truly a fan.  This movie does not get the notoriety it deserves.  When you have countless re-runs of horror movies, this one gets little air time, but deserves true recognition!  There is a sequel "Beyond Re-Animator 2004" you will have to see that as well.
Kick back and enjoy!

these full movie chunks on YouTube come and go so catch them when you can!  Ebay sells copies as low as 12 bucks with the shipping included.

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