Friday, February 18, 2011

Motion aquired taste.


As I crawled the Virtual Dumpster I call the Internet (tonight)...
I Googled "motion comics" and found About 14,800,000 results (0.20 seconds)

I decided to pick some treasures out of the dumpster to include in my blog.

I used to collect comics and I love watching cartoons. In cartoons, I have found Batman and Batman Beyond to be my favored. I am so happy that Stan Lee is showcasing some of his Marvel Universe in animation that I recently caught up with on watch now NetFlix.

Motion comics have been out since 2005. Marvel had a contest last year with 3 different characters and provided assets for up an coming animators to give it a go. Those were the first ones I saw. I decided to check up on how they have progressed.

Motion comics are like a step back from cartoons and a tiny step up from comic books. When I saw the first ones, I really preferred a comic because it had more to read and the art was better. I guess it is an acquired taste.

If you didn't know, Steven King has been doing comics since 2005 beginning with Gunslinger.

YouTube of course has "N" 1-25. This is the first one and then you can jump onward.

you can turn off Metallica above, of course to see the videos below

The Crazies Trailer

Marvel...It is called "The Marvel Universe" that is how big it is! So what is there to seems we all even know what Stan Lee looks like when he appears as a cameo! But have you seen this pic of Stan the Man? It is copyrighted and for sale so I will just link you to it so you can see him younger [here]

Iron man extemis (great art sampling with music)


DC Universe - Harlequin is crazy in love

DC Universe - The Scarecrow's story

Dead End (Deutsche- I like that word) There be zombies!!!

access the rest through this YouTube channel [link]

Motion comics have come a long way since I last crawled that way...

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