Wednesday, February 23, 2011

NASCAR -be all that WE can pay for!

Vitamin String Quartet doing The Verve's BSS @ YouTube

The Army spends $7 million a year on its NASCAR team, and sees it as a useful recruiting tool. The Army picked up 46,000 recruiting leads in 2010 through its racing team, Col. Derik Crotts, director of the Army’s sponsorship, told Washington Wire.

The Army, the Air Force and the National Guard NASCAR racing teams will ride again this year, after the House voted 241-148 to ditch a measure to ban the Pentagon from sponsoring stock car teams. [copy and pasted verbatim from WSJ  Feb 18th]

I personally think that it is in as bad taste as my photos below to expect the government to fund an entertainment sport.  Where do the other competitors get their monies from?  There has got to be rich corporate sponsors who would want to over take the expenses.  
Couldn't a bunch of politicians figure that out and put a bid on it and wait for a heroic corporation to step in?  
Why do people even vote when their representatives are just pussy and dick and no brains?
NASCAR is more popular than Hershey bars.

Refugees love NASCAR.  Can you say NASCAR?

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