Sunday, February 13, 2011

Serenity on Sunday

Estimated World Population
As I crawl in the Virtual Dumpster I call the Internet...
 I Google image searched "art" About 733,000,000 results (0.23 seconds)

In January, I got 1400 hits on my blog. It sounds like I am popular, but I am just part of Google now. There are about 1000 users out there who click on images that I have posted. Sort of like Google Karma. I do it, and they do it to me. I widened my blog body so I can display larger images. I know though that I am not just raping the Virtual Dumpster I call the Internet and not giving credit to the source. I am satisfied by the artists' creation and out of millions and millions of possibilities as I always try to demonstrate. I pick the treasures that I wish to share and recant the names for passer-byes.

Scott Marr [link here]
I found this artist through another blog (more so a website) called Daily Art Muse
The DAM website is a showcase of artists!  Susan Lomuto (the muse) has an extraordinary eye for art.
Another blogger dedicates her blog solely on Scott Marr.  Not only is his colorful art unique, but it is composed of tints and colors that have been derived from nature with Scott's alchemy talent. Something I can not even conceive, I can just quote the words "Pyrography, eucalypt bark wash, coriopsis flower wash, ochres and plane tree charcoal" as the ingredients to his colors on just one piece of work.
Mary Canning's Art blog just on Scott and a year of his art! [link]

Michael Ray Bruce [link]
In 1995 I lived on a mountain in a simple cabin.  It was simple and beautiful, but too harsh for my young lings.
It was night and I blasted my stereo playing Pink Floyd Momentary Lapse of Reasoning into the darkness of the mountains.  I thought , I am going to have to thank Mike Bruce for turning me on to Pink Floyd.  We went to high school together.  Never shared a class or a kiss, just a bong.  Back then he said, "Here you can have these you will like them".  They were 8 track tapes for my car player.  Pink Floyd DSOTM, Zepplin iv, Ted Nugent, Crosby Still and Nash So Far. I found his number apologized that I was a bit high and spun and thanked him.  I read his bio and of his struggle to bring out his art.  I am glad his soul has found it.


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