Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Butt I was so entertained!

As I crawled the Virtual Dumpster I call the Internet...I picked out something to share!

I watched the latest episode of The Simpsons on Hulu and the clip below made me think "stupid butt tricks". I like them and you probably do or will!

I Googled "butt tricks" and got About 4,500,000 results (0.11 seconds) 

Now when you put a part of the anatomy into a Google search, it would be logical to assume this might just take you to the Virtual Toilet and I got a bit scared (curious scared).

I checked out how many videos for "butt tricks" were available and got About 2,710 results (0.06 seconds) 

Then I thought to Google "stupid butt tricks" and google auto'd me to "stupid body tricks"(I'll check that out later) 

so I go to the video part and correct it with "stupid butt tricks" and got About 174 results (0.13 seconds)

I looked at the titles for the videos for "butt tricks" opposed to the titles for "stupid butt tricks" well...I am really intrigued with the pencil cracking ass from Japan..but...is that naughty lol Who the fuck cares? I MUST see this.

This is the clip from the Simpsons that got me started on all this:

Here is the pencil cracking ass from Japan it is not dirty (sorry if that disappoints you)...She is wearing a thong a wide one.
Well, I will tell you if I had to do it all over again in life, I would definitely make that talent a personal goal. I imagine myself in the upper b wing girls bathroom in high school puffing on my long Newports that cost me 45 cents with out ID making my school mates laugh that I could do that. Then later at 18, I would hit the bars from coast to coast betting on what my ass could break racking up the cash from drunks and putting in a Karaoke song to boot!...yeah that is an American dream ... even though the video I just watched was Japanese.

Speaking of butt tricks, one cannot forget the legendary Ace Ventura-Pet Detective!

Hustler Trick- Butt into the bottle...I thought Hustler magazine? No it was a cigarette butt thank goodness! A party trick!

Hustler trick - Butt into Bottle @ Yahoo! Video
you will find more party tricks and how to's if you go watch it at the link!

Being a "Slacker" is now a sports event? And they use the butt!

Buttnote: I kept getting Betty Blowtorch (an all girl punk band) when I was looking up butt on YouTube. And then I went to the wiki on the group. I had always thought they were Butt Trumpette when I heard them in '99 on a punk AM radio station in Cali. I looked them up on playlist once years after and I see the group named Butt Trumpet and it wasn't all girl punk. Oh well to make a long story longer...I heard one song from Blowtorch in '99 and they had mentioned Butt Trumpet (I thought it was all girls named Trumpette) and it was called "You're Ugly". Three of their band members are from the group called Butt Trumpet. Ok years later..got the data base corrected. A lot of their punk is nasty and crude, though. I did like the one song.

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Bouncin' Barb said...

I bounce enough as it is!!! hehe. You are so funny!

Tim Chaney said...

Didn't I see that pencil trick on American Idol? ROFLMFAO

Bluezy said...

It got my vote! The Slacker Kit goes for as low as 75 bucks. The strap is 2 inches wide and you just bounce on it and enjoy the beach. If they don't have it in Myrtle Beach...that could be a trend you could start! Bouncing Barb's Slacker's Shop!

Tim Chaney said...

I'll just watch, at my age I might break a hip LoL