Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Shredding some posts!

I am a strong advocate against banning and censorship. It is like deep inside me that this is a part of what is American. FREEDOM OF SPEECH.
Thanks to the Demand Progress newsletter I receive, I get notice of the news that is going on with Internet Censorship.
Recent news has got me thinking that some of my posts are a set up for the Internet Police to come down and swoop on me. Little ol' me. So I deleted my Anime embeds from Megavideo, and my best software ever post on the right clicking grab music for free off YouTube converter.  This is why:

* MARCH 14, 2011, 7:26 P.M. ET
New York man guilty of pirating 'X-Men Origins'
(He did this two years ago and JUST went to court on it)
Sanchez admitted that he uploaded a copy of the movie to www.Megaupload.com on March 2009 before the film was released. He publicized this on two websites so others could download the movie.
(so basically posting about it can get you in trouble) Could that mean that if you post that you got a great blow job from who ever to your best buddies...you are a pimp? Ok, I get it?lol He got 48 months.

I embedded the Anime off Megavideo and I publicized a way to get free music. The thing is that I got this all on the web just with use of my Mozilla plug in and then I looked for a better way to download the music with less conversion. All was free.
Tech Dirt has a series of articles
ICE Arrests Operator Of Seized Domain; Charges Him With Criminal Copyright Infringement [link]
Administration's New IP Enforcement Recommendations Will Only Serve To Make IP Less Respected[link]

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Tim Chaney said...

A well regulated Militia, being neccessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to bear Arms, shall not be infringed.

That's all well and good until a government starts carpet bombing it's own people like Gahdafi. I want cruise missles dang it!

Ophiuchus said...

I know folks have a right to copywright, and wouldn't begrudge anyone to be acknowledged for the work they do or creations they make. And I know that has to be enforcable by law for protection of intellectual property, but two years?
It's not like the guy killed someone or something, is it! In fact, many a murderer and rapist has got off with less,just because it isn't so easy to prove...

Bluezy said...

Two years for watching a movie that he downloaded and then bragging about it where it came from. And he is only one in many who did so and did not get prosecuted.