Friday, April 22, 2011

Mother We Know What We Do

As I crawled the Virtual Dumpster I call the Internet,

Oh it is Earth Day!! Time for Ozzy and his message

Tree of Life by Jennifer Lynn Haas (2008).
To see more of her artwork visit
Mother, please show the children
Before it's too late
To fight each other, there's no one winning
We must fight all the hate

Mather Earth Dying by Jan Paulus-maly
Born in Czechoslovakia 1935, studiet Art in Prague, Worked 10 years for The Czechoslovakian Society of Art and exhibited paintings, graphics and sculptures in European centres before his arrival to Toronto Canada in 1968.

These Post Apocalyptic pictures below were taken off a blog that had no sources on it.

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Bouncin' Barb said...

Great artwork delivering great messages. Nice job!