Wednesday, April 20, 2011

For the Green (and a cup of virtual java)

In memory of the Green Happy Weed Day.
As I crawled the Virtual Dumpster I call the Internet...

Lookie what I found!
You just put in the coin, pick out your flavor!
So if you wanna join me in a cup of coffee...
We can discuss the origin of 4-20..maybe

But click the link it will be fun!.

you NEED to click HERE 

Hippie Hill Pic from Wiki on 4:20 that is not fog

Keep it "stinky" on ya trip to hooterville! Music courtesy YouTube

 (don't forget scroll down to check on the babies on the bottom of the blog)


Tim Chaney said...

Looks like a bunch of DeadHeads at a show~! LoL : )

Tim Chaney said...

Oh those eagle babies are getting big : )

Bluezy said...

did you get some coffee on the link? I thought it was such a hilarious ecard that I linked it to the blog. There is a virtual coffee and a virtual ice cream machine! gotta check it out!
Yeah I kind of thought if I knew someone that vaped I would have to try it. Where they vaporized the bud instead of smoking it. It is just that I have quit in the almost near past and mostly all directions I am going it towards health and going back to the boodah would be a step back for me. But I will always support it being sold right next to the Heineken!