Monday, April 11, 2011

Free Tickets to My Carnival Of Madness!

As I crawled the Virtual Dumpster I call the Internet...

Everyday I will have this Eaglet cam on the lower portion of my blog. I will also try to just post it here in the body along with my blog posts..we shall see...

Stream videos at Ustream

From and estimated 400 mating pairs in the '70's to an estimated 70,000 population today, we are witness to what can be done.

What people do daily on the Internet is as numerous as the millions of links that Google offers you on just one topic...that is basically the theme of the Dumpster Dive. Hey peek on what I did for a bit....

See all Depp's Tats [here]

I was tweeting around and it sent me to celebrity sites...
I try not to get into the drama of it all, but I did like the 48 tattoo slide show on Extra [link]
Here is a link to a good place to browse by the alphabet. [link]  They got the Johnny Depp tattoo wrong on the slide show, though, The back tattoo they show is Angelina Jolie's tattoo. Johnny with all the money he makes..keeps his common man tats.
It is hard to believe that he has this one on his right bicep.


The celebrity tattoos are really more surprising, than artistic or interesting...but now here is a tat to remember! A girl hooking up with him would have to get a matching tat so they could stand side by side?

Oh and are there anymore pubic assisted tats?  Oh yeah it is like the freak show at my own Weird Carnival of Madness! I got you all tickets!!!!

Oh and I am going to allow you the choice to
see the tattoo called "Butterfly Pussy" [link]
And to every yin there is a yang click [here] to see Demon Pussy.

Or how about the one below? Notice there are only six dwarves?  Where do you think the 7th dwarf is at? Is he in the mine or waiting for a surprise entry?



Tim Chaney said...

Where is the seventh Dwarf? Or shouldn't I ask? Hahahaha

Bluezy said...

You must of missed that one. I wrote: is he in the mine or going to make a surprise appearance?

Tim Chaney said...

I did see that when I looked it over a second time. Me ADHD don't always get it on the first go round : )

Tim Chaney said...

Love the Eagle!

Bluezy said...

I wanted to put it just below the header, but since I changed my blog format I only have the option to put widgets on the side and below...I put it below, but it will be missed.