Thursday, April 7, 2011

Grunge Supergroups

 As I crawled in the Virtual Dumpster I call the Internet...
I found a some 90's stuff I missed in the hustle and bustle of my ghetto rock star drug life....

"Disengage" by Russ Mills
The art I found is called "Byroglyphics" by Russ Mills. I found it by Googling "grunge painting". Nice, huh?
[link here to gallery]

I must of heard a lot of these groups just assuming...
"Polyhedron" by Russ Mills
During the 1990s, there were several instances of grunge supergroups. These were bands that contained members who were previously famous from other grunge, alternative rock, and punk rock bands of the era.
Grunge supergroups were often critically acclaimed, but typically had only one album, due to members' commitments to their previous bands. [from wiki with original links in tact]
I am taking the opportunity to get it straight and sample some:

Foo Fighters then were far from typical here is my favorite, I like all versions.

courtesy of YouTube


* M - Mike McCready of Pearl Jam
* A - Jeff Ament of Mother Love Bone and Pearl Jam
* C - Matt Cameron of Soundgarden and later Pearl Jam
* C - Chris Cornell of Soundgarden


* Chris DeGarmo, formerly of Queensrÿche
* Sean Kinney of Alice in Chains
* Mike Inez of Alice in Chains
* Vin Dombroski of Sponge

I think Degarmo is singing lead. Did you know he up and quit the music scene and became a pilot? Fuck I remember his long locks waving in the spot light to the wind machine at the Mindcrime concert. His solo made the song despite Geoff Tate's voice...

Army of Anyone

* Richard Patrick of Filter
* Robert DeLeo of Stone Temple Pilots
* Dean DeLeo of Stone Temple Pilots
* Ray Luzier of David Lee Roth's band

"Isoceles" by Russ Mills

Foo Fighters(from autoplay strip)

* Dave Grohl of Nirvana
* Pat Smear of Nirvana
* Nate Mendel of Sunny Day Real Estate
* William Goldsmith of Sunny Day Real Estate
* Taylor Hawkins of Alanis Morissette's band


Bouncin' Barb said...

Hey stranger...great post. That first picture should be called Tornado head. That's pretty scary looking. Good songs, good research!!

Tim Chaney said...

First picture reminds me of Edward Scissorhands