Thursday, April 21, 2011

Roy Orbison 75th

Me and Roy can bust that harp.
As a grocery clerk, I had an old lady of about 75 skinny but healthy (you know the type) come through and she had a mini harmonica on a chain around her neck. I said "I love your little harmonica, I can play a mean blues harp, but you gotta feel the blues to play the blues". She says "Well I got one up on you watch this"! She puckered up her lips and played this no more than one inch harmonica and it was as song! She told me she placed first in something or other to do with harmonicas and that little necklace was fully functional!


Tim Chaney said...

Great lineup there, Bonnie Raitt on backup vocals and Bruce Springsteen on guitar! I really enjoyed that tune, may have to steal it LoL : )

Bluezy said...

And they have a whole series of these kind of insert the living with the dead videos...I gotta research it.