Monday, April 18, 2011

Topless # 2

As I crawl in the Virtual Dumpster I call the Internet...

I decided to keep in the direction of shirtless cowboy icons.
I Googled just "how tall is Clint Eastwood" and got About 974,000 results (0.10 seconds)
Funny thing is when I Googled it this way "Clint Eastwood how tall is" i got About 5,610,000 results (0.09 seconds)

Clint Eastwood and John Wayne are both said to be 6'4". Clint has 7 children. He fucked his way through Hollywood having affairs with many prominent women of film. I guess the first divorce was all about that, maybe.
He was never married to Sondra Locke they had a 14 year relationship and she filed for Palimony. Sondra Locke is alive and is 63 yrs old.



Tim Chaney said...

I take it you like shirtless cowboys. You go gurl~! I'm lovin' some Willie lately too, one cool cowboy.

Bouncin' Barb said...

I've always thought he was a little too thin but these pics absolutely show why he's so sexy! Nice job!

Bluezy said...

Tim, actually I almost wanted to post that your comment about Willie's song from yesterday was psychic and you should quit your job and go to Vegas!
It is the theme of the week.
After finding Duke's photos I wondered how many old actors posed shirtless. I was going to do Gable, then because of Willie did Eastwood.

Bluezy said...

BB,I always thought he was married to Sondra Locke, madly in love and lost her to cancer.