Saturday, April 16, 2011



As I crawled the Virtual Dumpster I call the Internet...

I was thinking about when my husband got transferred from lovely Northern Cali, to the desert of Las Vegas, NV. This lead me to think about nuclear fall out. And then led me to the "A-Bomb killed John Wayne Theory".  No...I am not going to blog about that...But my image search allowed me to see The Duke with no shirt on. I have never! There are only 3 of them I could pick out of the Dumpster. I thought to share them with you.

Paula Cole was a come and go sensation with 4 top 40 hits 5 albums believe it or not 1997-2007 [wiki]

I first encountered the one below. I noticed that he had chest hairs playing Genghis Khan in "The Conqueror". Oh there is Susan Hayward (who died of Cancer) the actress my parents liked so much that I was named "Susan". They told me that they considered "Rita" and well my mom was trying to have the most American name (long story about post WWII and racial issues) she didn't even have to tell me why not Rita.

Finding pectoral pubic hair (isn't that what it is called? hee hee) on John Wayne made me think..."was that sort of display even allowed or common" in the days even prior to censoring Barbara Eden's belly button and or didn't you hear about how they taped over the teenage girl's nipples in "Honey I Shrunk the Kids" when they got wet so not to show? And that was like the 90's!
So I searched for him shirtless.

John Wayne would be 103 yrs old and even in the times I watched him in movies all through my life, he was almost old enough to be my daddy's daddy. But he does something with his slow talking charm that made him super sexy.

He is the Duke and I must of seen all his movies, but now that I can check the internet out for a listing, I might find one I did not see (I am sure there are a few). I saw him in a cameo on some Mae West movie...or was that Gable...All those B/W classic men basically no different from today's icons or not unlike Marilyn Monroe was to American men.



Tim Chaney said...

A young Duke~! No wonder the ladies swooned him. Love the song too, I almost posted that song this morning by Willie Nelson.

Bouncin' Barb said...

OMG...All my life we all thought my Dad looked just like John Wayne and this just further proved it. They had the same eyes and nose. I've never seen these pics and I never knew he played Ghengis Khan. That's one I've got to look for. Great post. Good research!! Thanks.

Bluezy said...

@Bsrb when I was in middle school I had a sleep over at a friends house whose father was good looking. I spent time with my friend doing what we did then, but my eyes would continually seek opportunity to look at her daddy and feel my teeny bopper crush. She told me that I couldn't go in the bedroom with her when she did because her parents slept intrigued me more that he was naked just beyond the door. That memory makes me think that I was a middle school stalker
Too bad we never went to middle school together LOL

Bluezy said...

Tim, I love that song, too. I used to tease my boyfriend Johnny in our relationship of 6 yrs and tell him that all I wanted was John Wayne and I got John Whine when he bitched. When the song came out 4 yrs into the relationship I knew that you could think one thing on one side of the earth and another on the other side of the earth is thinking somewhat the same. It is awesome.