Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Zina Saunders

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The video does not give you a sense of size. If you have seen an eagle up close, they are as tall as 3ft (36in) high and their wing span is well over 6ft. Yes the length of your couch and the height of your 4yr old kid maybe. I put this basket pic up so you can see how already as an eaglet they are the size of a chicken. 
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 As I crawl the Virtual Dumpster I call the Internet....

I follow a fair amount of blogs. It took going through a lot of next blogs to find a few that I like. I have not got the search tactic down and I have a feeling that if Google tries to match me to other blogs...well that would be hard since I go from one to another topic and sometimes into the bizarre...LOL

One thing that is consistent with me is my admiration for art, animations and comic books. I love to see the artistic expressions out there. The Virtual Dumpster allows me to pick around  all kinds of venue as far as observing. An awesome day for me would be a long hike through all the art galleries in town and museums.

In my [next blog]-ging I encountered Zina Saunders. I looked at her pic and she looked like a young girl that had an awesome political animation concept. I noticed that the animations were being published on MoJo (Mother Jones). I thought "what a novel concept for a young artist to conceive".  Stomp on the buzzer! BLAM! I has no idea that she was the artist of all the political illustrations on Palin and did Time Mag and all...I would just go there and see her animations and comment and leave. Well she did have stuff on her side bar that I failed to link to . OMG  This I discovered about a week ago. I must definitely have tunnel vision.
Her works beyond the animations are outstanding and very famous. The neatest thing is that she commented right of back at me. That is what is cool about her. She blogs not just to blandly get her work out like some do, but she is interactive with her viewers.

I finally linked to a video of her presenting her art at an art gathering called Gel. Oh then finding out that the Gel conference is a gathering of the World's top creative leaders.

Zina Saunders at Gel 2009 from Gel Conference on Vimeo.

Here are two of my favorites and she has so much more at her website [link here]:

The Morning After by Zina Saunders
Palin Hunter by Zina Saunders

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Bouncin' Barb said...

Those two pics are freakin hilarious. OMG, love it. I am here. I do read, but I haven't been much of a commenter lately. Just trying to stay up with my 90000 blogs I follow!!!! Hugs!