Monday, May 16, 2011


 As I crawled the Virtual Dumpster I call the Internet....

Shoulders... I  thought I would change the topless gender without going too risqué. Since I did the men a bit back...

I found an awesome vintage actress photo cache called "Movie Maidens". I was thinking of challenging my rights of no censorship, but then decided not. There are only two actresses from the Silent film era that did complete nudes on there. Clara Bow and Louise Brooks. The 40's...couldn't find any. The 50's there are a few including the topic of actress from the song I chose from the's called "Jayne Mansfield" from YouTube . In fact, she was not camera shy to posing nude. There are even nude Marilyn, topless Sophia, back nude of Kim Novac  and bare Liz photos on Movie Maidens. They have many photos and accept uploads!

All the actresses had bare shoulders in common. It seemed that all the actresses did a bare shoulder photo!


I some Marilyn nipple going on in the last one! I'm scandalous!
All photos come from Movie Maidens and there are tons more. If you like vintage actress stills...or if you want to see the Full Barowski on Clara Bow and Louise Brooks...LOL  it is worth the browse. 
( I was actually surprised at the two silent actresses having such revealing photos). 
That is like your great gramma neked! LOL

*My buddy Bill  from Panama City, Florida in 1978 Air Force Tech School at Chanute AFB, Illinois told me that his mom had got an invite to go to Hollywood, but she ended up getting pregnant, but suggested her cousin go instead. Her cousin was Jayne Mansfield.


CharlE.JSpliff.Wess said...

YEAA . I like this post and of course the music ! Stoned & Jammin!!!!

Tim Chaney said...

All so beautiful in their time.

Bouncin' Barb said...

Great post. That bottom shot of Marilyn is very surprising to me because she looks like she has small boobs. Is it just the picture or did she work done before it was the cool thing to do?

Bluezy said...

Barb, the site accepts uploads and as you know if not by just me doing it, photos can be altered. I thought maybe the Liz Taylor nude they have might not be Liz and there is another of Marilyn that I thought might not be her.