Friday, May 27, 2011

The Guy

As I crawled in the Virtual Dumpster I call the Internet...

"The Guy" is the mascot of the band "Disturbed" I have a lot going on here. The song on autoplay and a speed draw on video. I chose this song because it has a cartoon of "The Guy". And animation rocks. I wish Stan Lee was my daddy. LOL. Then I compared The Guy, too.
There is so much to Disturbed that I like and am. LOL I really would like to go the the Mayhem Concert July 13th in Boise...but I would really like to be at the opening in San Bernardino because Testament will be there and only does two of the tour shows. Pretty sure I won't make either, but there is next year. My mom is due for a visit near San Bernardino. Yet the line up may be different and not as desirable.

I bought the 10,000 Fists Rock T-shirt in 2008 and wear it to death. The image below is on the T-Shirt:

 If you are familiar with the comic book character Evil Ernie, can you see the similarity? I have mentioned countless times my interest in comics. I like superheros and villains and monsters drawn and especially animated on video. I had the opportunity to read the entire series of Evil Ernie. He is just a boy with psychic abilities that was twisted in a botched mental health experiment. He communicates with the woman he loves "Lady Death" and his talking smiley button. Lady Death has told him that she will love him if he can perform Megadeth upon the world. It is a sad and sick story. LOL. You kind of have moments of sorrow for him and his childhood. But then he kills...and well...Look at what he is dealing with and he is a teenager. Lady Death!

Lady Death By Richard Ortiz



Bouncin' Barb said...

This stuff is pretty wild. I never was into comic books. You'd think with 4 big brothers I would have been but they only thing they liked was MAD magazine. Now that was funny.

Scary Mary said...

Cool music video and song!! Hope you get to go to one of the concerts;) I don't know the comic book you're talking about, but it sounds interesting!!