Sunday, May 22, 2011

I was PIF'd by a girl and I liked it!

Going off format and getting a bit personal here:

I have seen blog awards here and there, but never actually got one! I am happy to have been PIF'd by such a likable blogger-Bouncin' Barb. Barb's Blog (you can click the beach image of her and her Bruce's footsies on the beach pic badge I made up for her) comes from lovely Myrtle Beach, South Carolina. I saw her comment on two blogs that I was following and her name was unusual and two blogs we followed in common! I was following two Personal bloggers that emphasize in writing stories, and also share some of their personal life from far away UK. "Bag Lady" and "Siren Voices". I found "Bag Lady" through "Siren Voices" which I looked up recommended or featured blogs in the Google Reader. "Siren Voices" chronicles the experiences of a British EMT named Spence in a very lovely way. Both Bag Lady and Spence have a way with words and are great blog reads.

The thing about Bouncin' Barb, though is after I decided to follow her and commented, she was right on it coming around to my blog. I really didn't expect that. I have no idea how many comments I have in the virtual world, but out of all of them, Barb took the time to come over to my place. I have grown fond of going to her place regularly to see what is going on in her life. Let me tell you...she has had some hard time, but she has a joy of life and a sense of humor and so many fun things to blog about. I look forward to seeing that she has posted. She lives in what she calls "The Love Shack" in the country outside Myrtle Beach. Such great stories to blog about! I especially like it when she finds a critter. The latest one was a lizard. Her post was hilarious!

Why I continue to do this blog is to record a virtual memory of myself. My ex-husband of 14 yrs died at 57 of Cancer. My clock started ticking. Is it that time now, my former love? I could not see him he would of broken down and me, too. We had so many plans of growing old together that did not ever happen. Drugs and sexual promiscuity on both sides just ruined it for us. I want a piece of my soul to remain online for my kids to log on later when they miss me.

Most of my blog follows are artists that just post pics and there is really no comment interaction. I follow about 4 Personal Bloggers.

So although I am thankful to be PIF'd, I doubt I can pay forward to anybody except Scary Mary and Tim.

I was linked to Scary Mary via Ghoul Friday (does sculpture in soft Macabre genre) and just kept checking in on her. She is from Oslo, Norway. It is interesting to see how folks there not only speak English, but have a lot of the same interest that many Americans do. Scary Mary crafts vintage pieces and sells them. I am not a buyer or a wearer, but I do admire imaginative creations. And the look is cool on younger girls now a days. Oslo has this awesome park that I want to blog about. called Vigeland Sculpture Park.  The image to the side is just one of the giant creations of Gustav Vigeland that he has found a home to put them all in in Oslo. There are giants and this is part of the Monolith. It is amazing

  • rules are to put the PIF  (pay it forward) badge above on your post and find 5 bloggers who you want to PIF. 
  • PIFing can be fun. 
    I never met a "Dead Head" and Tim and I are the same age and he likes the Blues, Osprey, and has an altered Barbie pic that I so wanted to find on his blog. He knows a lot about the Blues and I get educated by his choices. I don't know how I found him, but I also enjoy checking in on his music selections and finding out what is going on in his life. Every post he puts a wonderful picture find from the internet on it. He has found some really nice photography. He is sort of a treasure picker like I am. My blog is a personal blog, but it is also a Picker Blog and I like to share links.

    All the other blogs I follow are not really interactive from blog to blog, or maybe my half cracked sporatic eccentric blogging scares them away.
    Because I am weird that way I end up finding shit like this to share:

    As I crawled into the Virtual Dumpster I call the Internet...(that is my meme)

    I don't know what compelled me?
    Spontaneously thinking of possibly searching google for "anus mouth"
    the google image search gave me About 598,000 results (0.10 seconds)
    All I have to say is "The Horror" that part of the Dumpster can be best avoided, but in the corner of my treasure picking eye, I found this:

    It was not sourced and I am pretty  sure it was a google image the blogger got it from where I found it.
    Upon looking for the source, I googled the name of the pic "faccia da culo"
    About 209,000 results (0.22 seconds)
    Here I hit paydirt! faccia da culo means face of an ass or butt face or ass face in Italiano. Such a lovely language...Molto bella!

    Foo Fighters about my favorite contemporary group from YouTube

    Thanks for all putting up with me. LOL
    Thanks for the PIF, BB.


    Tim Chaney said...

    Thank you for the kind words. Your blog is like a box of chocolates, ya neva know what you gonna git. That's why I like it.

    My niece Laura, wife of the bird carver used to make jewelry. When she got her first computer she decided to google "Beads."

    Of course her first google responce in history had to be "Anal." LoL

    Neva know what you gonna find in dat dang dumpsta!

    Bouncin' Barb said...

    Wow. And another Wow. Thank you for all those nice words. Your blog is truly one of a kind and I love your finds. Be it picture or music or whatever else you find, it's always interesting. And that's why I PIF'd you!!!

    Bluezy said...

    Barb, I am sorry that your clickable image didn't click. I fixed it. I love that photo of yours. I just thought it should be a badge for your blog. Like sand writing and kicking back.

    Bluezy said...

    Tim, you are a true treasure that I am happy to have picked out of the dumpster.

    Red Shoes said...

    Thank you for stopping by and following... I shall return the favor!!

    I look forward to reading you...


    Scary Mary said...

    Thank you so much for your PIF award and your sweet words!!:) I've meant to come over here earlier, but haven't been much online lately. Just too busy with everything and planning our holiday to Greece!

    I'm sorry to hear about your ex husband, must have been so painful.. The worst nightmare for any person, to loose the one you love. Either they are taken away too early from this life, or under other circumstances...

    I must say I love visiting your blog, I never know what to expect and it's really different from all the other blogs out there;) Keep up the great work and share all the fun, crazy, creative things that you find out there!!

    Hugs from the girl in Oslo;) Ps: allmost like an actual norwegian song, you should check it up on youtube:

    Scary Mary said...

    Sorry for the dobble linking, but this is a far better link:)

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