Thursday, May 26, 2011


As I crawled in the Virtual Dumpster I call the Internet...

I decided to go ahead with a series on band Mascots and the first is of course my favorite Metal band _MegaDeth_

Vic Rattlehead is the mascot of the heavy metal band Megadeth. Vic is a skeletal figure who embodies the phrase, "See no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil." [4] His eyes are covered by a riveted-on visor, his mouth is clamped shut, and his ears are closed with metal caps.

His image appears on several Megadeth album covers. When the band started in 1985, he was on their first four album covers (1985–1990). Killing Is My Business... And Business Is Good!, Peace Sells... But Who's Buying?, So Far, So Good... So What!, and Rust in Peace.    from Wiki

This album came out in shortly after the beginning of the  "Gulf War". One of many  songs that demonstrate the speed metal talent behind Megadeth! It was hard for me to choose just one. I like so many.

Numerous fan art creations of Vic. Deviant Art had a contest as well. To this day many MegaDeth fans hold a grudge toward Metallica over the history pasted below.

On one occasion Mustaine brought his dog to rehearsal. The dog jumped up onto the car of Metallica bassist Ron McGovney and scratched the paint. Hetfield allegedly proceeded to yell at Mustaine's dog and kicked it in anger. Mustaine responded by physically attacking Hetfield and McGovney and yelling at Ulrich. Mustaine was fired following the altercation. The next day, Mustaine asked to be allowed back in the band and was granted his request. Another incident occurred when Mustaine, who had been drinking, poured a full can of beer down the neck and into the pick-ups of Ron McGovney's bass. When McGovney tried playing it, he received an electrical shock which he claims 'blew him across the room and shocked the hell out of him'. McGovney then told Mustaine and Hetfield to leave his house and left the band shortly after.

On April 11, 1983, after Metallica had driven to New York to record their debut album, Mustaine was officially fired from the band because of his alcoholism, drug abuse, overly aggressive behavior, and personality clashes with founding members Hetfield and Ulrich, an incident Mustaine refers to as "no warning, no second chance". The band packed up Dave's gear, drove him to the Port Authority Bus Terminal, and put him on a Greyhound bus bound for Los Angeles. It was on this bus ride that Mustaine scribbled some lyrical ideas on the back of a muffin wrapper, which would later become the song Set The World Afire from the 1988 Megadeth album So Far, So Good... So What! again .   Again from Wiki


Bouncin' Barb said...

Good history lesson there. I love rock. Was never a big metal head but certain love a few classics.

Bluezy said...

I saw MegaDeth in concert in the 90's they were billed with the punk band Suicidal Tendencies. I was actually looking forward to seeing ST. They are unique and powerful. They cancelled ST and Stone Temple Pilots got the slot. No one really knew STP and the Suicidal Tendencies fans boo's STP as they came on and chanted ST ST. STP was pissed. It affected both STP and MegaDeth's performance. Dave just stood there and played and barely moved around. I thought that was the way he played. He was just not giving it to us.