Friday, June 3, 2011


Ahh traversing over many nights
Frozen dreams and fading tears
Warm me, warm me, wrap me

Once, I had forgotten everything, however
I hate this body that cannot love anymore

No matter how far I walk, I cannot see the end
Dragging along memories of the past
I wonder what color this body will be tainted by
I search for that answer

I can no longer return to those days free of bloodshed
These deep scars rooted within me will not disappear
Hide it, hide it, hide me

With these marred hands extended towards a discarded star
Alone, once again alone, I must return it to the sky

Even though I'm weak and miserable, I'm alone, just like that time
I am unable to signal here with my short breath
That's why I will always see a dream of tomorrow
While counting my caged fingers

It's alright to stay the same, without knowing the meaning of living
One day, I will do what I can to obtain those days of laughter

On that day, your words alone
Made my decision to become stronger
"No matter how much you change, you're fine the way you are now"

Now, because you're here, my heart has returned
I leave to walk ahead, only to be lost
Even though I cannot see the end, I think it's alright
I will leave on a journey at range, it's alright if I don't know the answer

Found an Anime to follow. Claymore. It is a mysterious chick with a big sword and is the ultimate fighter.
The above is the theme song translation "Raison D'etre" by Nightmare (Raison d'Etre means reason for being in French).


Tim Chaney said...

Seems like every time I check on the Eagles, one chick is laying on it's side like it can't get up. It's breathing though. Do you get that same feeling from your views?

Tim Chaney said...

Oh cool, I left running for a while this morning and saw all three perched right up and Mom was out on the limb : )

afterthegoldrush said...

And no word verification, either!