Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Mother of 5 dies in car crash.

As I crawled the Virtual Dumpster I call the Internet...

I was doing some image searching for my manipulating hobby and decided to manipulate a sex symbol icon - Jayne Mansfield. Mostly because I know very little about her except I really love this song from Kill Bill.

I googled "death of Jayne Mansfield" and got about 877,000 results (0.12 seconds).
Image search I got about 260,000 results (0.24 seconds).

One major thing I did not know was first the exact story of the car crash. Find it on Snopes.
Her daughter is Mariska Hargitay from Law and Order SVU and earlier in life Mariska did Falcon's Crest a TV show you'd remember if you are older. Remember the guy...what was his name on Falcon's Crest? Also a child of a famous movie star? He did a series later called Renegade.
I noticed that she had kid survivors of the crash. So I googled that and found out this similarity between Jayne and Mariska is uncanny!

You can see the Mariska looks like her mom, Jayne right here, too.

The below video is pretty much informative on her death. It was pretty gory in those days, but after the Kennedy assasination and Vietnam Life Magazine photos (no way that if you lived as a child those years, you didn't see them) the press just spewed out the real gore stuff. I remember a photo of heads and ears trophies I saw in Life from Viet Nam. but can not find them in a search. And of course we all remember this one, but I found the grown up version of the poor little girl who was burning from Napalm. I also picked out a site that you can search the Nam photos  called "Illustrated History" in my dumpster crawling.
Phan Thị Kim Phúc 2006 living in
Ontario, Canada. [see wiki]
 When you google the woman above's name you can find a video that shows her back burns close up and also a baby with skin hanging off being held by her mother as they are running from the burning village. It is sad. The photo won a Pulitzer. It was our allies the South Vietnamese dropping napalm made by Dow Chem and the basis of many of the University riots. War fucking sucks. Collateral innocent death and injury need to be more publicized.

Lorenzo Llammas is the actor that was on Falcon Crest. He is 53.


Tim Chaney said...

I never knew Jane Mansfield died from a car crash. Learn something new everyday. Daughter really does look like a clone.

I'll never for get that photo of those kids running from a napalm drop. Like that photo of the Vietnamese spy taking that bullet to the head in the middle of the street.

Red Shoes said...

Jane Mansfield died in a car wreck? Yep... down on the coast in Biloxi, MS if mt memory is correct...


Bouncin' Barb said...

I have written about your blog on mine today. Hope you like it!!

BTW...This post was fascinating. A lot of it I did know but I did NOT know that Mariska was her daughter. Incredible!

Garnetrose said...

I remember being a small child and seeing the picture of the wreck along with the body of her dead dog laying on the road. She took the dog with her every where. That picture still haunts me. I think her daughter, Mariska is beautiful and her mom would be proud of her.

Garnetrose said...

I love this blog, btw.

Bluezy said...

Thank you all for stopping by. Thanks for all the kind words, BB.

Al Penwasser said...

I was going to toss off a wiseguy reply (Jayne Mansfield is DEAD!!??) which is pretty much how I roll.
But, this was really an informative post. I enjoyed reading it. The background music only made it mo' bettah.
Really, though, she IS!?

beachgal said...

Just for clarification - the photo of Jayne with the bid hat on siting at the Stork Club is not with her daughter Mariska - that's Jayne's first daughter, Jayne Marie Mansfield. Jayne Marie was born in 1950 - she and Mariska did look a lot like as little girls -- but that photo is definitely Jayne Marie with her mom.