Saturday, July 23, 2011

Art Dig

As I crawl the Virtual Dumpster I call the Internet...

I haven't done an art picking in a while. I remember seeing this website that sold old pictures that decayed in front of you, called Haunted Memories sold by ThinkGeek. These are unique because they are external from the computer. You can actually hang them up or put them on a desk. At least that is how I understood it.

Being the have to know how or what kind of geek that I am...I long ago found out about animated gif.
According to wiki, they have been around since they were first used in 1987 by Compuserve. I have my little farms on my pages of ones that I harvest from the internet. There are exceptional ones. You would think that considering how easy it is now to make a GIF, that high res  pics with motion would be common. And like those digital picture could put one on there and place it on your office desk as a conversation piece.

You don't even need software to make one anymore. There is an online website you can make it on (my favorite) Picasion!  They are easy to make. And you can also make them really easy using my favorite free (keyword) photoshop clone called GIMP. There are tons of how to videos on YouTube in support of GIMP. I made GIF at first using GIMP with several layers of differently positioned picture files. I realized that online, I can go to Picasion for that. I also can make GIF by extracting clips from videos. I made the one below from the movie "Now Voyager" and also extracted Natalie Mechant's signature dance from a YouTube Video using GIMP.

Passionate Smoking from "Now Voyager"
Natalie Merchant's Signature Dance

Picasso's Old Man With Guitar Shredding
So I Googled "motion art" and got about 9,370,000 results (0.41 seconds)

The first place I dived into was Abiuro Motion Design. The thing is about this is that there are many motion pieces here, but I know they are taken from other sites, yet there is no source references.Or maybe where I have seen them they come from here...

Photobucket has these below by the pages of Nature shots with animation called Keefer's Animated Nature. I have posted these before:
[find them ALL free on Photobucket]

And the treasure find was Jamie Beck and Kevin Burg [link here to Jamie's blog] only this year have put up some cleaver high resolution artistic photos. They call them Cinemagraphs It is about time! The possibilities are endless. Moving art. Why not? I picked three to share, but there are more!

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That heart beating is very strange! Love the tree though.