Monday, July 18, 2011

Grilled Cheese Faces

As I crawled in the Virtual Dumpster I call The Internet...

Big Cheese by Nirvana from YouTube

I could not help myself I spent some time manipulating these pics after I saw the logo (below) on Oilfield Trash's blog called
"Make Daddy a Sammich" the pic is called a Muhammed and Cheese Sammich.

When I googled Marilyn Grilled Cheese...None. But the one that they claim to be the Virgin...does look like Marilyn Or Madonna. The Golden Palace Casino bought it for 28 grand. It was 10 years old and had a bite out of it?
When I googled "Elvis Grilled Cheese" oh check it out!

And I found the recipe to the below sandwich on
Sacramento Mag Website!
It is called a Grilled Cheese Elvis!
They replaced the bacon with extra sharp cheddar!

I then googled 'grilled cheese faces" and "faces on grilled cheese" (making me hungry) then I made this manipulation for fun. It is conceivable that one could see this bearded face below after a fat doobie..

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ateeq mughal said...

wow, except for that Mohammad image, i liked the whole post. religious matter.

Bouncin' Barb said...

You are just too funny Bluezy! If I make grilled cheese I eat so fast that I don't look at the possible art work that may be on it. haha