Tuesday, July 19, 2011


As I crawled the Virtual Dumpster I call The Internet...
First of all, please enjoy this song I just discovered called Large Radio by a group named Cassettes Won't Listen while you read. There were 4 videos and this one that was done to an awesome silent movie Metropolis is what I chose. So I will put up the full video, this time.

I googled "the world's largest" and got about 400,000,000 results (0.18 seconds) Four hundred million? That is a whole fucking lot of millions!
I checked the images that Google offered and I did this once before I went and checked BING. BING had a tree to start with! I love trees...

Apparently Rafiki from Lion King lived in this kind of tree called a Baobab Tree and the biggest one is located in South Africa! Scientifically named Adansonia Digitata..
A typical common name is baobab. Other common names include boab, boaboa, bottle tree, upside-down tree, and monkey bread tree. The generic name honours Michel Adanson, the French naturalist and explorer who described A. digitata.[wiki]

The picture source has a few angles and close ups. You can see faces in this tree. It is really cool.

And since we are on the large tree topic...The World's Largest tree house is located in Crossville, Tennessee.
The thing is that when I clicked the picture it sent me to a website with a whole lotta stuff on it. It is called Buzz Inn.  Buzz Inn just links you to the places that has them...nice Weird stuff that I think the Virtual Dumpster is so good to have in it. Like a carnival! They also have a featured tab and a popular tab. I spent a bit of time going LOL OMG on this site! I picked some out to share.
Celebrities Without Makeup
Spectacular Tattoo Artwork
Unusual Tradition In Ukraine
How to clean toilet

And this optical illusion picture I found through all that is imaginative!
Phew what a freak show..those links on Buzz Inn. I need to get back to the 400 million largest stuff...

Oh well...maybe not.

Thanks for stopping by.


Tim Chaney said...

That tree reminds me of that tree in the movie Harry Potter. Hiney ain't bad either : )

Bouncin' Barb said...

That is one very cool tree. I'll have to show you the 600 year old tree from my old home town in NJ. It's a ginormous oak that spreads out all around a cemetery. Really cool. Great post and love the optical illusion.

Bluezy said...

There are some cool trees in South Carolina. We almost moved to Charleston. I like that big tree they have there. I am a west coast girl, but damn I love the history of the East. When something is old there...it is old and beautiful. If I moved there...it would of been just one more old and beautiful thing in the East, ey?

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