Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Rag Tops

As I crawl the Virtual Dumpster I call The Internet...

I found one of the many pictures I have seen of TuPac Shakur wearing a head rag or doo rag or bandanna, however the way you say it. I will show you at the end why I "shopped" it this way.

I personally like to wear one here and there. I like the paisley pattern some one came up with to make them. It is not farmer,cowboy, biker, hiker, gang member or a babushka. I think it is a cool alternative to a hat when it is sunny and it keeps my lovely locks out of my face so you can see it and it can see the sun better!

I actually Googled 'bandanna paisley origin" (spelling it with two n's because that is the way Mozilla wants it) I got about 551,000 results (0.13 seconds). I love it how in the Virtual Dumpster you can find stuff that you just think up and in the thousands to millions factor!

A great place for bloggers and computer crawlers like me to go when wondering about things is wiseGEEK. Their motto is 'clear answers for common questions". Is this a common question?  I dunno-I just come up with these wonder why  things, but I really think they are not that common. Oh, so the link I put up there has the history of paisley.

Deviant Art has a group called Paisley Power with countless images.

They asked to feature this manipulation of mine
It is an intricate thing to draw paisley free hand and there are some artists who I have seen admit that they are obsessed with the whole process. There are tutorials, mandala, mehndi and tattoos!

A website called "Cowboy Boot Camp" has a lore page that pretty much sums it all up about the cowboy connection to paisley "kerchiefs".

Why paisley? Maybe it is something in the psycho Freudian mental thing that the pattern that lures Paisley lovers?...subliminal connection to the 'Persian pickle" or "Welsh Pear" as it has been nicknamed according to the [wiki].

Well, Paisley did become very popular in the Summer of Love days...
Check out John Lennon's Rolls Royce.

Check it out!  I found out that there are actual names to how you wear a "head wrap". (at least in the US).

And there is a Bandanna Club with instructions on how to tie one the way I like to wear it and the bandanna they use...I love that print especially.

I am all down on how the bandanna has been associated with the show of gang and biker colors. Screw them. They can't take the color and call it theirs. I am really totally down on all "this color represents" shit. Don't wear that color bandanna or you might get shot. Even the rainbow for gays. Fuck that. I wore a rainbow wrist band when I was working as a cashier to hide the tattoo they said I could not show. I was wondering why other women were nice to me. LOL. I don't care what cause you are have NO RIGHT to claim the color. Might as well claim the sun and call it yours, too.

So back to why I even searched bandannas. I'm in Ideeho. All that sportin' your colors crap is not here. It is very much passive. I like that. I was at WalMart a day ago buying an orange bandanna for me to ride my scooter in. I put it on my grand baby in the line and told my daughter to look at her baby and said "Hey Mommy! Got Pancakes"?

 I put it on tied up in front like TuPac does in the pic above. Shit like that would get you shot in some of the cities I lived in. Why can't you just take it light and make a joke? It is not being racist. I could of easily (and I have) put it on another way and say "Oh look at my cute little babushka" or "Arrrg...Where be Jack Sparrow"?

I did my big city bad people time...
I tell a story about a white boy who all the girls in the neighborhood said his name in a tone that he was some fine ass guy. I never saw him, but he was coming back to the neighborhood in North Las Vegas and my neice's 16-19 yr old friends were all happy about it and talking about it. The day he came home, he partied. He was feeling happy and buzzed going to 7-11 (not even in the hood area it was on Nellis and Stewart near WalMart). He saw a hispanic girl and smiled at her and then went into the 7-11. When he came back out, she and her friends jumped him. They stabbed him 100 some times. Just for smiling at her. He lived to be a paraplegic.
Why so serious?

I am so happy to be away from all that stupid and useless violence. Glad that the children in my life are away from it, as well. Living and loving.

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Tim Chaney said...

The color of the rag better be right in many hoods. It hasn't got that bad here yet but our city is working on it.

Bouncin' Barb said...

Yessir, that's how the city gangs see it. It's so friggen sad isn't it? I wore bandana's on my head in all different ways when I was a teenager and to think that is has become a symbol that causes such hatred and violence really pisses me off. Great post!