Friday, August 12, 2011

Pop Culture

As I crawled the Virtual Dumpster I call The Internet...

Rumors have been out since the beginning of the year!  It has been recently confirmed. Mike Judge is creating NEW Beavis and Butthead videos! There were just not enough Cornholio episodes...

Theme song by Mike Judge..and voices as well...

Which picture is correct?

My daughter had bought me an AC/DC t-shirt that was on sale at Hot Topic for $5.99 last month to celebrate my weight loss to a size 2xl T shirt (with out a stretch). It made me think of Beavis and Butthead and I wondered which of the two actually wore the AC/DC T?
I went to Hot Topic to check out the buy one get one free sale. I asked the tattooed and pierced middle aged cashier if she knew which is the Metallica Fan Beavis or Butthead? She did not know. And she was not sure which was the blond.
What has become of the help at Hot Topic? And their website is pretty generic. The sales at the mall are actually amazing these days trying to get people back into the mall.

I noticed at Hot Topic that the T shirt wall is sizing down and the sale is way generous considering...yet the quality of the T-shirt varies. I finally bought a Superman Icon in red. I like that icon. It is an "S" and my name begins with it. And the classic Misfit's T Shirt.
In fiscal 2010, HOTT(Hot Topic)  posted net sales of $708 million and a net income loss of $8.2 million. Like other retailers, HOTT has struggled to improve profit margins and maintain their customer base during and following the 2008-2009 U.S. Recession. In addition, HOTT's dependence on the downtrodden California economy has further put the retailer behind. California still has a $20 billion deficit, which will cause HOTT to continue to underperform until it can deleverage its dependence on the California economy. Since HOTT sales are highly correlated to the success of music-inspired apparel, its success is affected by changing fashion trends. [from Wikinvest]
I dunno..I think that there is more than all that to their losses. Again quality opposed to product price. And who IS wearing music T-shirts? Not to mention so many other mall stores with trendy stuff.  And I remember this diehard concert T-shirt couple that were like T-shirt snobs and would always ask "Did you go to the concert"? when they would see you wearing a rock T-Shirt. (She was such a reformed druggie bitch).

So it prompted me to Google "pop culture t shirts" I got about 12,400,000 results (0.20 seconds).

I then realized that it was more aptly called geek t-shirts... and very sad that the one below is sold out. LOL!


to straighten up who is who heheheheh


Bouncin' Barb said...

I was never a B&B fan but I'm definitely an AC/DC fan. Not much for Metallica either. I have discovered Old Navy has plus size clothes online and they have some really great t-shirts as well as dresses, skirts, jeans and accessories for big gals like me. And cheap!!!

Bluezy said...

Back in the day when I was getting stoned...Beavis and Butthead was great watching under the influence. I would not watch for it, but when I would stumble upon it..yeah heheheh funny.
With the Internet, I have been able to check out specific episodes. Cornholio is a favorite. I did see the movie as well.
What I think will be cool about the new one is their reaction to some of the new stuff going on. They mentioned Lady Gaga. Hope they can be politically correct.

Tim Chaney said...

I think it was Butthead that wore the AC/DC shirt

Tim Chaney said...

Duh, I didn't even notice the answer at the bottom! LoL I've just had my first couple sips of coffee : ) hmmmm sure is good this morning