Thursday, August 25, 2011


As I crawled the Virtual Dumpster I call The Internet...

So sorry. I have been recovering from my scooter accident. I had a complication just as the upper road rash was healing, the lower road rash was just concealing an infection that later went wild. I have had to go get intravenous antibiotic treatments daily and stay off the leg.

I have been watching a lot of movies.  In Kung Fu Panda 2...I had seen the voice list after watching it and as I watched it, I really did not think of trying to match the voices without knowing. It is so cool that super star actors are involved in animation. You know that for years I have watched cartoons never thinking of the voices behind them...They would do it a little, but now a days animated movies are top ticket sales in the theaters and it is happening a lot. I will have to remember to play the who's voice it that game next one I see. Actually I did it with "Zookeeper" and thought say what? Stallone and Cher? Yep!

What impressed me on this one is that the Viper is Lucy Liu, Tigress is Angelina Jolie, Crane is David Cross (knew the face not the name had to google), Monkey is Jackie Chan, Mantis is Seth Rogen. Of course Jack Black is Po the Panda...but Dustin Hoffman is the master Shifu.  I really liked the Turtle master in the first one...."Oogway" which is Mandarin for tortoise. My favorite quote from there is from Master Oogway:
"Yesterday is History.
The future is a mystery.
And Today is a gift.
That is why it is called Present"

Min Xiao-Fen Blue Trio plays bluegrass on YouTube

The Chinese culture is full of proverbs. Many make for witty simple truths yet said poetically. Their "ancient medicine" and herbalism is all a rage in the holistic forums...The martial arts and the Buddhist ways...are ancient and seemingly romantic.

Yet...I posted about the dog eating scandal this year where 500 dogs destined for market were saved....
I also posted the link on Life magazine"s slide show with captions explaining called "Banned In China

And because it is what I do....I Googled "banned in China" and got about 117,000,000 results (0.12 seconds)

It is an interesting browse on what is reported "banned in China" that is too numerous to recount on the Dumpster Dive. Spent some time here and there on it.

Even with this in mind...the loafy hills and the green terrain...Kung Fu Masters...and pipa music while western culture crunches on spring rolls and slurps lo mein with festive little sticks and a cookie that has your lotto numbers on so soothing.  And I love all the Kung Fu movies.  I remember when I was young I loved to watch them on the channel that featured them on I think it was Saturday!

Recovering from my scooter spill, I have seen many a movie and following some old TV missed...I come across this 1997 movie with Richard Gere on NetFlix

With the gerbil long forgotten...I still think he is an amicable sort of  actor. I enjoyed this movie.

I need to keep my foot elevated, so not so long on typing....hope all are enjoying the summer.

Thanks for stopping by.

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Sorry to hear about your set back. Take care!