Sunday, October 23, 2011


As I crawled The Virtual Dumpster I call the Internet...

I have been jonesing for comics again. My son in law bought a signed Avengers comic. I have been really into Batman lately...watched the recent "Batman Year One" and remembering my blog post last year called "Of Childish Things" the Batman Theme song...I just love The Dark Knight.  He is real. No super powers. Just wit and tech. The loss of his parents at age 8...his continual melancholic borderline psychosis dedicating him as a vigilante of the night.

So I decided to collect again. I downloaded digital copies of Arkham Asylum (1989) and Arkham City (2011) to get to read the ones I am soon going to buy for collection. You just don't read a comic, so I am thankful for the bootleg digitizers out there. I am honorable enough to do it and buy it, though.

Batman Arkham Asylum appealed to my darker side and appreciation of a dark art format. Batman is mostly drawn as a shadow. 
Sample of how Batman looks in Arkham Aylum

Gotham Symphony on YouTube


Al Penwasser said...

Batman became my favorite. Superman and Spiderman used to be, but, like you said, Bruce Wayne is a real guy with a dark past.
I prefer the Christian Bale Batman. Didn't like Val Kilmer, hated George Clooney, tolerated Michael Keaton.
Adam West? A campy, comedy gold mine.
I also prefer the Heath Ledger Joker, although I think Jack Nicholson was just using the script handed to him.

Bluezy said...

I am so stoked that the animation is still going on. Last one was Batman Under The Red Hood. Just this month Batman Year One came out. I would pay for animation over Hollywood's deciding who makes a better Batman any day. My favorite animation movie was Batman Mask Of The Phantasm.

Tim Chaney said...

KooL post for Halloween!

When I was living in Mexico I used kids comic books to help me learn spanish.

"Super Raton," was Mighty Mouse! : )