Sunday, October 16, 2011

I'm Going in To Sin City

As I crawled the Virtual Dumpster I call The Internet...
Saw this one go up back in the '90's never went in...Listened to Aerosmith Opening from parking lot (I was poor)

Now they have one on the strip (the other one is off strip and around the crack triangle)

By the time this posts...We will be on our way! 

On the home front...
My kids are coming up financially, but I am all in on it-broke. Wah.  I do have the traditional coin purse change to give to Nevada when I get there at the first gas or pee stop. But if they don't have the old style coin drops when you win or press "payout", it won't be fun. I have that sound on my poker app on my android.  In six years living there, I won once 300. My mom was there and we spent it on her visit-gambling some more.

 I really want to play quarter Roulette. The pauper tables used to be two dollar minimum. A one time 40 buck gambling spree ought to do me. You know if you live in Vegas you don't is someone..

For real, I hashed out living in legal gambling way long ago. I lived in Vegas 6 yrs and Montana 4yrs. I only gambled in Montana slightly because I lived in a bodunk town of 500 population and managed a Truck Stop Casino (saw it was not really stealing your money it was give and take). I did it for the free beer in Montana...I would nurse a couple of bottles playing nickel Keno and poker.  In Vegas I only gambled once a year maybe twice. I want to try to do a monthly 20 dollar Megabucks trial, though because I witnessed a 18 grand winner when my mom was visiting. It would be nice if I could count cards and be subtle about it...there are some who win regularly. If you are discovered...they ban you. I am not that quick with my mind.

Mostly, I am sacrificing a lonely older lady life fishing, watching birds and walking the mall to a lonely older lady  life walking around lights and free spectacles and walking more malls. LOL Concerts and conventions galore, though. And there is the must see Hard Rock Cafe.  I never did go see Roy Orbison's Harley when I was I checked out the link to the Hard Rock Memorabilia...think that is the first casino tour I will do.

I surely won't miss the snow.


Scary Mary said...

Sounds cool, wish you a lovely trip!!:) Hopefully your coin purse will turn into a zillion after a few turns on the one armed bandit! At least you will have free beer for a lil' while;) I went there the first time meeting my (now) husband, we got married there a year later. I love the lights and all the glory, and also how it looks like a grey almost transparent shadow of it self during the day. It's something very theatrical and wonderful about it. The buzz and the people.. Mmmm have to go back soon:))) Have slotsa' fun, looking forward to hear about your trip!!

Tim Chaney said...

Have a safe trip and good luck in Vegas. Hope we stay in touch and you keep blogging!

Bet you won't see much snow there LoL

Bouncin' Barb said...

I hope you win big. The Hard Rock's are so awesome. The food is good. A fun menu and walking around and looking at everything is the best. They move stuff around from one location to the other so you can see lots of things over time. Best of luck on the move, settling in and can't wait to hear about Hard Rock. Hugs my friend.