Tuesday, December 25, 2012


This is just one random heart expressing that this new "act of kindness" inspired by tragedy is a monumental turn around of negative to positive.

It bothers me that there are those who do so need to BANNER these acts.  See me I cared all these times these ways the news shows. It gets listed on the sidebar as trending. Again click and see me.

I envision a NATURAL course of events of humans being naturally humane acknowledging one on one that we share this time and space.

Let's make the best of it! Not the news or a YouTube video you mutha fucking fakies. Jus sayin...

And again just sayin because the way it should done is to do so wearing the t shirt with the below pic on it. You all go do good but wear this T shirt ok?? Make this person rich. Buy sell and gift this T shirt.

It would be like magical invisi-kind acts. People on the receiving end make the news. Not those on the giving side. Buy this shirt here

Oh shit the link is dead. They discontinued selling it. Well now is the time! Too bad.

Well make your own t shirt using the pic below. Since I suggested it send a dollar to me like a Google finders fee. Or just send me money to prove you got more than me so what the fuck here have some. The button below is real.
Donate...seriously. Act of Kind me with some Benjamins. Seriously dudes! I will take Jacksons and Grants, too. It would be so kind. I wont spend it on beer or weed either. I mean it. I am a sober option. Bring it to me with love!

Don't be mean in Twenty Thirteen ©2013 Bluezy.

you can't see that ninja right? Lol.

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Tim Chaney said...

I'm sorry I'm not the only one that had a bad year. The only gift I was able to give this year was kindness.

A couple of friends have had a rough time, one lost his Mom back at Thanksgiving. I was able to help talk two friends off the ledge in this last week.

Re-gifting the kindness shown me by family and great friends in times of need.

Be kind to everyone, we don't know or understand the battles others may be going through.

This has been a year of reflection and being thankful for truly all of my blessings.

Hoping everyone finds that peace we need in 2013 and most importantly, today and every day.