Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Gun Psych Test Fail

As I crawled the Virtual Dumpster that I call the Internet....

I created a virtual psychiatric gun test for myself using the Rorshach concept while listening to Rorshach Test Industrial Metal Band that was created by an excommunicated priest named James Baker in the 90's. editted in new song Rorshach Test had maybe one song that I thought was cool but the rest really sucked. Satan was sort of cool but....the following video is better

Psych Question 1- What do you see?

Answer- Something I need to fucking shoot.

Psych question number 2- What do you see?

Answer: Two twisted crack heads scoring dope. Shoot them!

Psych Question 3- What do you see?

Answer: First of all lol question three what do you see lol that rhymes! I am seeing a crab giving me the thumbs up and thinking Red Lobster Crabfest. You don't shoot crab you trap then boil it. But this varmint is so cute with them little thumbs. I will make it my pet but now I am hungry. How many more questions? Second thought crabs don't have thumbs. It's an alien! Shoot it!

Psych question #4- What do you see?

Answer- Got to keep my guns loaded. Despite my disappointment that 2012 did not bring on the Zombie Apocalypse, I see the Zombies here with some sort of dick in the background. Now if that ain't a reason to buy a gun...ahhh...I get it your the dick who won't sell me the gun and now Zombies will eat me. FUCK YOU DICK!
OMG You know they invented Velcro so when the day came when crazy Bluezy's Virtual Dumpster Dive can't own a gun and be made to wear shoes with no laces because I could choke you with them. Or is it so I won't hang myself with them before the zombies come. OH SHIT!! the laces short WONT FIT AROUND MY FAT REDNECK..but oh the hard part of the laces can poke an eyeball. OMG there is still some hope. Poke them ugly yeller zombie eyes I will!!

Psych Question # 5- What do you see?

Answer: Frank asking me why I am wearing that stupid man suit? He says 28 days...6 hours... 42 minutes... 12 seconds. That... is when the world... will end.

In all seriousness, this blogger thinks that MANKIND (whether Woe Or Just Man) is historically MANKIND. A killer caveman did it HOW?  A killer Bronze age did it HOW? Either way it was done and all in the name of MANKIND.  A smart beast of historically unending killing violence. Make a rule or take a test?  BAH just something to cheat and mock and still kill over. NOT TO MENTION THAT GUNS CAN BE BOUGHT ON THE STREET AS EASILY AS HEROIN AND WE HAVE A HISTORY OF BOTH DEATH BY HEROIN AND GUNS SO IF IT MAKES YOU FEEL BETTER TO CHANGE GUN LAWS....


What we need to do is change the hearts of all MANKIND and test the hearts of our people and those of the world. Educate LOVE.

Love is a full freezer of Wild Game. In a country where it has been tradition and a privilege to do so. A literal broad stockade of guns used for just that purpose. Feed and protect.

fyi this blogger does not own a gun but respects those who do and why I support gun ownership.

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