Sunday, March 3, 2013


As I crawl in the Virtual Dumpster I call The Internet...

I typed Amazon in the address bar and it went to a search and I learned of the BANNED violent t- shirt

You see, I have 6 days left of my free trial to Amazon Prime. They will automatically bill me if I do not opt out. All part of the deal. I joined to check out the video streaming part. Ah hah got to finally watch some missed out on SciFi. I caught up on "Falling Skies" never had seen it and Amazon Prime offered all episodes to present FREE. Same with Fringe. Yet Fringe will be hard to catch on a month trial being that I started watching it last week. 5 seasons wow!

 Have you heard about the reality show called "The Colony" ?  (I can only handle so much reality these days.) A group of people brought together to face a post apocalyptic (I spelled that right the first time) scenario. I started watching it, but then got all not interested because all the people that were in the group seemed to have had a degree in something. And there was no sex or plotting for sex?  No checking out who would be the baby momma or baby daddy of the New World? Volunteers would leave for a sweep for food, but actually they would just want to have some New World procreating privacy or just one or two last fucks before they die. Come On!

Anyways..back to the banning of the t-shirt from Amazon that said "Stay Calm and Rape A Lot". I Googled it because I just had to see it. And see if there was a picture left online. NO. Wow. No picture. WOW. NO PICTURE. And I had it on no filtered search. NO PICTURE. When banned is banned it is banned pretty quick. Just the news story remains.

I did find this one, though...

Check out a quickie top ten list of banned toys in the Banned Toy Museum

El Toro es muerte. Barbie la matadora. BAN BAN BAN HER
funny info that actress Alicia Silverstone wrote the company
Alicia Silverstone had strong ties in the Barbie following genre after her movie
Clueless (one imagines)

Do you remember these toys?

 What shocking images plague The Virtual Dumpster I call The Internet!?

I can also Google Butt fuck Orgasm and wonder what I could find...BLINDNESS I AM BLIND!

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