Thursday, March 14, 2013


As I crawl the Virtual Dumpster I call The Internet...

I am clinically depressed. It is like having a bummer trip on weak LSD at times then it goes away.

This is part of my therapy.

Solitude in the dark.....and two hits of green bud California style EXHALE Medical Grade.

Two days ago:

I got on the bus and had a conversation with the crazy bus guy. He talks louder than most and acts like no one else but you are there as he talks loud as if on a podium. Basically acting out in public. I join him talking loud on the bus about DOOM DESPAIR IRONY oh oh THEN he wanted to talk OBAMA DICTATOR. I never really commit to Obama hate. I try to avoid it. Especially with a black man just sitting next to me.  Politics in general not my talk topic.  I was happy with the bus driver saying All buses lead to Walmart then comparing it to All Roads lead to Rome. Pinko Commie Store. Then he thinks she is not my girlfriend. I think he is not my boyfriend. He is crazy. She is crazy. Have a nice day. This is my stop.


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Red Shoes said...

HA! I LOVE that morphed photo of Obama/Clinton!

Depression is a bitch... :o(