Sunday, April 20, 2014

Chasing the bunny

As I crawl in The Virtual Dumpster I call The Internet...

HAPPY EASTER BTW... This is a fun little game for my Easter post includes a bunny of a different kind.  Just use your spacebar to hop over obstacles and prevent the Dust Bunny from getting sucked up by the Dust Buster.

Dust Buster Derby is the second in a series of slide examples of what Bell Brothers designed advertisements for various companies. Click the pic and go to their website.

Dustbuster Derby

Feed the Head

Click the pic to experience five awesome interactive flash from Vector Park. I especially enjoyed the the two upper circle ones and the grey one with the telescope dude. I like interactive. Don't you?

Feed The Head
The first one called "Feed The Head" looks just like the above pic with link. You point your cursor around the head and interact to make various cool things happen.

I chose Grace Potter over Grace Slick version of White Rabbit to autoplay with this post. I listened to some was by Emiliana Torrini [link here] who by name you would imagine was perhaps Italian...but no she is Icelandic. Her cover of White Rabbit was on the movie Sucker Punch soundtrack.  There was another cover in Arabic by Mayssa Karaa [link here] for the soundtrack of the movie American Hustle. Why I chose Grace Potter was if someone can carry that feminine vocal note like Grace is the talent behind Grace Potter. If you have not heard of her...[link here] to this song that she says that put her in Nashville's radar.

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