Saturday, April 12, 2014

Coachella Weekend...

As I crawl in the Virtual Dumpster I call The Internet...

Payment plans to buy concert tickets lol
 I noticed that the "trending" links mentioned Lindsay Lohan at Coachella. I had to click the link because I feel for Lindsay. Give her a fucking break..childhood Americana and coming of age adulthood is full blown chaos to the best of us. It must be really bad when you live a fish bowl celebrity life. 

I visited the Coachella Music Festival Website after seeing the leather vest and white flower dress that the Fashionistas tagged worst dressed for poor Lindsay. The website is well constructed with alphabetically ordered interactive band buttons that have Spotify playlists to sample bands I did not know over 3/4 of. LOL.  I did not get a Spotify account. I went to YouTube:

What you hear is my discovery of Mogwai  Les Revenants album. It is instrumental. They have many albums that are not as mellow as this.

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