Monday, January 2, 2017

If I knew Carrie Fisher in my youth....or not

As I crawled in The Virtual Dumpster I call The Internet...

Hey Fanboy put this on your tongue and let it melt!

So I have been to Ebay and seen the many Carrie Fisher "rare" signed memorabilia. One going as high as 20 grand!

If I knew Carrie back in the day....
I  would ask you to give me an offer on the above sheets of acid blotter. Me and Carrie were school mates back in the day...she signed them and we tried to learn the secret recipe of LSD but it was secret so they are not real acid. Just symbolic of our dazed and confused youth we shared.

Oh  and I have as many signatures as you want because she and I aspired to be famous together and practiced our signatures together for the day we would be autographing! I kept them in my druggie memorabilia box! They come scented as sensemillia....the sticky kind of quality buddah that was only from Cali back in the day. I became a street druggie because Betty Ford was too expensive for me so my signature not worth shit!

I know Carrie would laugh with me over this!

Buyers beware! It is so so easy to produce signed memorabilia. Make sure to read the link below on authentications at Ebay...


or comment below and let's do business.
This Fangirl's digital loving memory of BADASS contemporary who left us way too soon!

Mom Debbie Reynolds as well!

On Oprah gestures as Carrie describes how cheating father consoled Elizabeth Taylor with penis!

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