Saturday, February 11, 2017

Stirring The Melting Pot With a Hate Stick

As I crawl in The Virtual Dumpster I call The Internet..
She has been doing fine Mr. Trump. Terrorism did not start yesterday.
EXODUS 23:9Also thou shalt not oppress a stranger: for ye know the heart of a stranger, seeing ye were strangers in the land of Egypt.

Demonizing the war torn refugees in 2017 is a bit late in the Middle East/US conflict! It is just plain Witch Hunting and Mob Mentality. Shame on you Mr. President for trying to stir up hatred!  It is a slap in the face of the good people in this country that have continued to keep us safe. This new close the door build a wall America is not what we are!

Numbers of prisoners in US by Faith 2011

"Making America Great Again"
is not forgetting our greatest promise.


{named changed due to statute limitation uncertainty}

My friend Alma was raised once-upon-a-time a seemingly White child of Middle Class with good financial habits type of privilege. Alma embraced the dazed and confused Counter Culture. Her romance with sweet Mary Jane led her to stronger drugs and she became a mid life failed adult. Gateway drug Bong hits (she always said would never be the case) led to desperate vain weight loss amphetamines then Meth resulting in a family collapse.

Alma never got arrested, even when witnessing the "Great White Hope" arrival of Meth manufacturing friends promising wealth and warning her about what happened to Scarface. You just can't tell a fat girl not to dive in a chemical promise of weight loss and wealth, though! Addicted and one foot ahead of the Law, her addiction was too apparent. She still had dignity! Crying at the bus station, she left the words to her children, "Always go with the heart", as she pounded her chest. She went on to say, "I love you, remember DRUGS did this. DRUGS ARE BAD." The kids went to the separated from father in a neighboring state. Happy Y2K (literally year 1999 end)!

After 3 months living in a shelter, then joining the Carnival, she ended up in a cheap studio apartment right on a street next to a park that accessed the Colorado River 12 miles from Mexico. She got a job!

One day, Alma came home from work and there was someone all wet peeking out the laundry room that held one washer and one dryer. She speaks in English and says, "Can I help you?" Her self reconstruction was trying to not do drugs and not be a bitch so she spoke an alternative to, " What the fuck are you up to?" She gets closer and sees a scared boy about 15-16 yrs old and then speaks in Spanish ,"Tienes Problema? Que esta aconteciendo?" Translating to , "Do you have a problem. What is happening?" He says, "Soy mojado" , which means I am wet. She can see he is dripping and says, "Claro que." He shakes his head looking around scared and says "No Yo soy MOJADO!"

"Oh shit", her mind thinks, "WET oh duh!" I guess that it is a correct term on the Border when you jump it by crossing the river. I thought it was a bigot term, but guess not if you are Hispanic. The part of the Colorado my friend Alma lived near was 11 miles from where it hits Mexico. This boy had swam upstream against the current for at least 11 miles. The flow is cold in the winter time.

She goes and gets a towel. She tells her neighbor, "Hey this kid (who was shivering) just swam 11 miles upstream from Mexico and says He is wet!" They all laugh. Another neighbor says they shouldn't help him and call the cops. Alma tells the cop caller neighbor that here at "Heartbreak Hotel" we all are up to something no good.

Alma let's the boy call his "uncle" who lived two blocks away. The man comes. He tells her that the boy does this all the time and then gets deported in a week. Alma admits that if she were young and healthy, she would be crazy like that on a weekend with friends!
 I asked Alma why she didn't call the cops?  She said, "After being around so much failed attempts in life, how could I spoil the success of a fresh young boy?" 
Seriously, Alma was on the edge of her American world feeling hollow due to her losing control of life and children due to drugs. She still smoked weed and was on and off doing speed. She did have a job making 600 weekly. Doing drugs had been to her a change from a happy hippy party to a white storm of tweeker madness of which she really hated. Later that year, she quit for good and moved North. Eventually she meets up with her kids. Sober for 16 yrs and a grandmother.

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