Saturday, March 25, 2017

Grecian Fire

As I crawled in The Virtual Dumpster I call The Internet...

Grecian Fire was an ancient weapon. According to one legend, it's formula to have been whispered by an Angel to Constantine the Great, the first Christian Emperor in AD 300.
~ Greek Fire, Poison Arrows, and Scorpion Bombs: Biological & Chemical Warfare Adrienne Mayor 2008
And it was not green like the Game Of Thrones Wildfire. Although historically the secret formula was buried and lost. Modern engineers have guesstimated the ingredients...but the father of this fire was Greek...thus giving it the name.
Callinicus Of Heliopolis, Callinicus also spelled Kallinikos (born ad 673), architect who is credited with the invention of Greek fire, a highly incendiary liquid that was projected from “siphons” to enemy ships or troops and was almost impossible to extinguish.

Why I made this my blog topic was because I found an artist by accident on YouTube. I was making a playlist for my next fishing adventure.

I really love Supertramp.  Crisis What Crisis was my fave. I must of spun the grooves out of this vinyl back in the days. I also believe Roger Hodgson is a true romantic and poet. Love Rick Davies low voice combined with Roger and have no idea why Rick has very few YouTube videos.

 I encountered a YouTube fan made video of "Crime Of The Century" by a Greek user named Vasilis Vasilakakis it was covered with this b/w pic of a tear in the eye. I went to his YouTube channel and discovered contemporary Greek music! The lyrics translated are few from this artist Miltos. I originally was attracted to one that had the title "Yellow Bicycle" imagining it of the plight of war and economic hardship in a child's eye dreaming of a Yellow Bicycle.

 The song playing is "The Fire.
 I got to thinking about Grecian Fire and here is my blog post! Ta Da!

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