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The Censored Matrix USA part II

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' On the Internet, Nobody Knows You're a Dog.'
- Peter Steiner, in the New Yorker


 What is a DNSBL?

Domain Name System Blacklists, also known as DNSBL's or DNS Blacklists, 
are spam blocking lists that allow a website administrator to block messages 
from specific systems that have a history of sending spam.....

DNS Blacklists have a rather long history in web terms, with the first one being 
created in 1997. Called the RBL, its purpose was to block spam email and to educate 
Internet service providers and other websites about spam and its related problems. 

In the current fight to stop internet blacklisting, we need to know that a precident has been set by your internet providers.  They are filtering out spam...and we all can agree that is a good thing.  If you didn't know it maybe because the ISP owns it and we just rent it?  They don't have to ask us...

The many avenues to research on the above link: 
  •  How Do I Hide My IP? 
  • What is a Proxy Server?
  • Web Based Proxy Servers 
  • Browser Configured Proxy Servers
  • How Do I Use a Proxy Server?
  • Proxy Server List Search 

Another link I found is actually better for testing your computer all the way around and it has tabs for every aspect of privacy you might want to address (hmm ..) concerning your address. it actually has all I need to go on to my next test:  BECOME INVISIBLE.

I liked 2Privacy because it is simple with it's 9 buttons for testing and it's tabs above to go to help on a topic like say if you got Star Trek 2010 from  and you are now paranoid?  There is a how to remove permanently files from your devices tab and free download.  Phew.  That friend of mine is now saved with that info in hand...probably NOT..but it takes care of the evidence on YOUR end.

Too bad your service provider can get served and records be obtained and with new blacklist laws they want to be able to open up any encryption so they can specify what you did online....

OH fuck if you went to BUSTED! 
I am going on my IDIOT savant senses on all that, but pretty sure your provider has rules on keeping records and storage vessels that get purged in some maintenance system...
(On left a treasure from my virtual dumpster commonly known as the Internet is:
(Picture Source)


I tested Proxy listing out by going to my favorite Google Search 
I decided on 
I had 60 link options with countries next to them. 
I decided on

It looks good and no spam pop ups 
I had tried one earlier today. It 
was so terrible with pop ups and I have
a blocker.  Definitely gonna run Malwarebytes!
I think this new proxy site has a DNSBL 

I closed all my tabs except the proxy browser and refreshed
I think clearing out my cookies could be an option, too?
I went to to see if they could determine my IP
Oh yeah!  It worked.  I had an entirely different IP number.   
I went to

It is the MiniNova Torrent site blog explaining why they have 
limited their activities with a Content Distribution Service.
This was one of the big Torrent sites in years past where
a buddy of mine would get his Doctor Who episodes 
before it hit the States.  Rationalizing that his 'mum' lives
just south of London..and well you know...sometimes we
all have our tastes.  It was not like he multiplied it times 10,000 
and went off selling it in the back of his blue van we called "The TARDIS".  
It is over now, none of that is there.

I am now going to The Pirate Bay...OMG them scallywags are some
bold ass hard core tough ass motherfuckers.  They are online and 
dancing at what is the possible wake of their virtual funeral.

On 31 January 2008 Swedish prosecutors filed charges 
against four individuals they associated with The Pirate Bay for 
"promoting other people's infringements of copyright laws"
The four operators of the site were convicted by Stockholm district court on 17 April 2009 and sentenced to one year in jail each and a total of 30 million Swedish kronor (approximately US$3.5 million, 2.7 million) in fines and damages.  (Source Wikipedia)

As as you would expect from a salty buccaneer, they appealed.  Oct 15th yesterday was the final day of the appeal.  The Court announced that the verdict will be made public on Friday the 26th of November.  (Source-TorrentFreak for more)

The Pirate Bay logo is pretty cool.  They sell tshirts you might 
want to go buy one and in 10 yrs sell it on Ebay.
By blogging on this matter is not in advocating Piracy, but I do advocate copying...In high school a friend of mine hung out with this guy Dan who had the ultimate vinyl collection.  He would buy vinyl and only play it to record it for his own use.  He would then keep neatly organized his large collection of one time played vinyl.  He was a great guy.  I didn't know him well, but he had a killer party I went to and I got to hear a bunch of stuff I never bought.  That was 1976.  RIP Dan (the only person I know who died of HIV) a few years after the party.  He was gay, but most people disregarded that even then.

There is much software out there to backup your DVD/ CD collection before your kids or you scratch it!  Or convert it to a file format and/ get a 1TB external drive.  I don't know if we have
the technology of players and game systems that accept memory sticks?
Well I must be an idiot savant.  Yes, there is a USB port on our Xbox 360 and there is a ton of YouTube How To's on the topic!

These programs claim to be able to copy protected media and are user friendly.
     Danuisoft  dvd-ripper-review/demo download

    I am gonna try this one out.  It is because of all this controversy over copying going on.  I want to do it for my own reasons and rights. I hate a scratchy CD.  I will be like my friend Dan and have a play copy and a copy to record from if my play copy gets scratched.

    (.gif web origin here)

    The below info is obtained after 
    you click on the IP address number
    given to you at
    American Registry For Internet Numbers
    All the X's are blocking out my internet address.
    There are geolocation tabs revealing the city you are in.
    Google map with all functions meaning you can put the
    little yellow guy on the map and walk down the street.
    You can also find your providers address and phone.

    My IPv4 address is  XX.XXX.XXX.XXX

    Relying on the government to protect your privacy is like asking a peeping tom to install your window blinds.'
    - John Perry Barlow

    Thank you for viewing my blog!

    Bluezy (Susan)


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