Thursday, January 13, 2011

Blast From The Past o,O ?

I image pasted this together and then rotated it at new angles to make it rotate! It came out really smooth!

Google Image Search -  
The Grateful Dead Art = About 1,180,000 results (0.37 seconds) 
Grateful Dead Art = About 1,970,000 results (0.41 seconds) 
Dead Head Art = About 15,900,000 results (0.56 seconds) not exclusively Grateful Dead  
I tell you when the window appears on the seaches, there is a burst of color and beautiful psychellic art and hard to choose which to post! 
Inspired by a blog I follow "Blast From The Past-Blowin' In The Wind"  [link here] 

These guys are so cute!

By Frank Ware
 I GIMP'd it with a sheet of
Orange Sunshine LSD with Tim Leary signature

This and the following

There is an art venue called "Blotter Art"
spawned of course from LSD art.
The source is marked on the pic.  

I like how busy this is
You can take time
finding things.

Ticket and "Silky" for Jerry's Last Concert
I lived in Vegas then they were at
Sam Boyd that year. Didn't go.
Saw all the Dead Heads in town.
I went to see The Dead in 1978 in Madison, Wisconsin.   Jerry wasn't there. I think they said he was sick.  Maybe if Jerry were there, I probably would of got hooked on it.  His voice is unique and incredible.  I was told by a real hippy that The Dead in the winter is not the time to see them.

I always thought their music a bit mellow for the imagery of a skull and all.  
I guess ya gotta be there to know it.  Hearing it for the first time in a long time.  Makes me feel young and stangely wanting a Suburbia Submarine Sandwich from a place I worked around that time frame.  OH now typing it I am thinking of  the Pepsi Pepsi Gyro Pespsi guys at the Gyro place I ate my first Gyro.  Authentic Greek guys.  On State Street in Madison, Wisconsin.

In 1977 ish  actually owned a copy of Skeletons In The Closet and it was a special yellow vinyl edition.  I liked the art is why I bought it.  

I really admire how the Dead Heads followed the band.  They had a bad  LSD stigma, though.

The pictures are mostly from Wolfgang's Vault. These were printed as posters and playbills back in the day.

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Bouncin' Barb said...

Oh what a blast from the past. Loved all of them and the LSD too! I was pretty into it. Maybe that's why I'm warped today...haha. Great post.

Bluezy said...

I am liking that you aren't a liar. So many of my childhood schoolmates whisper about their pasts! HoLLa Girl! Thanks!

afterthegoldrush said...

Why lie? My life is an open book, as evidenced by my blog postings. If I was worried that people would think less of me, I would not post 1/2 of what I do.
I had a "live" 8-track by the Dead back in the early 70's. I wore that thing out. I think it ended with "Mama Tried" and "GDTRFB". I gotta post that shit!

Bluezy said...

For real. I was hoping this would help with Tim's stress. It allowed me a look back and rememberence of a kick ass tune and wonderful art.
I was offered Orange Sunshine once but it fell through. It was part of my college major in tokeOlogy and acid analysis with beer chaser.
Mr Natural came by and set me on my short study. It was a mild yet surrealistic experience. Never had sex on it. Should I bucket list that?

Tim Chaney said...

I'm miss those bands of gypsys that followed the Dead from all over.

I'm finally getting some good rest so the stress level is receding somewhat. Thanks for this post!

That's what I get for taking a day off from blogging!

Bluezy said...

I figured you'd notice it soon enough. I had fun with this. So much beautiful work. I remember the news always had some negativity added to the fact Dead Heads were coming to town the two times in Vegas just before Jerry died. I saw a lot of nice looking cars and motorcyles coming through. A lot of Dead Heads are successful well established and oh yea oldER.

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