Friday, February 4, 2011

Choice Women Of Music Week Day 5 - Natalie

Listen to "Etown On The Road" broadcast from 1999
with guests Natalie Merchant, Rick Danko
and Garth Hudson [link here]

Natalie's signature dance

What took me so long to get Natalie out, was the above GIF.  I had to learn how to make it from a YouTube clip using my GIMP 
(with animation plug in I just downloaded)  
[link for free download]  

For a free program, I have definitely got great use from it.  Adobe PhotoShop does this as well, but it costs up the yang.
Used along with the:  
[DVDvideosoft converter package I blogged] and raved about with instructions..voila!

I saw a biography on 10,000 Maniacs and was searching for it, but could not find it.  There was a clip of Natalie Merchant very young.  She introduced herself and said something like:
"My name is Natalie Merchant.  I am going to be a very famous singer someday.  Watch me!"

What I admire about Natalie is not only her beautiful and unique voice, but her natural beauty.  She may look plain without make-up and glitter, but she is one of the most beautiful and sexiest women on stage!  Adding her intense lyrical and poetic abilities...10,000 Maniacs recruiting her at 17 in the early 80's was their strong point!


Bouncin' Barb said...

My favorite video is Carnival. She has a great voice and I loved her in 10,000 maniacs as well as solo.

afterthegoldrush said...

I'd like to "pimp" your blog on my blog, but I do not know how to link it. Any suggestions?

Tim Chaney said...

She's kind and has got great spirit. She doesn't need make up she's a beautiful person and that's what counts the most.

I watched one video while she talked about working with special needs people and wrote the song "Wonder" about a special needs woman but did not give her name.

Bluezy said...

She does have tremendous aura. Yes, I see that much of her music is not to make the top 40's, but a statement and a cause.
Kind and Generous makes me want to go out and do a ballet across main street. Like The Weather is another favorite. Her Ophelia video is awesome. I wonder if she would do some acting? She would be an honor on any casting.

ATR...I don't get what you mean to pimp our blogs. My blog on your blog? Blog pimpin' hmm... Did you log on AFTER miller time? LOL Seriously, I DO think I know what you mean. Thank you for thinking nicely like that.