Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Eco Coolness

As I crawl in The Virtual Dumpster I call The Internet....

I came across this link on Facegook treehugger 

An eco dress made from recycled plastic bottles...whooda thought this was what it looked like.

So I Googled dresses made from recycled bottles and got
About 9,100,000 results (0.84 seconds) 

The big one above is for Hagrid's date or maybe he wants to go tranny to the gala? The above two that have literal bottles is not the way things are going. Like check out that styling gown that Emma is wearing!

It is just like mankind to weave the trash into real long lasting clothing! As I Googled along there I was very inspired on how recycling is going on.

[HERE]is a start on your own search a Huff article three years ago.

Just a thought though...in-gredients the idea of a package-less store resulted in only one Google find today. in-gredients is just one store located in Austin, TX. They don't see themselves as competing with grocery stores.  “Farmer’s market offerings with grocery store hours.”

 The recycled bottle fabric biz has many places has many Google results and this video from a vlogger named Tina Tiainen lol such a good job making a literal bottle dress, yet if you check out her other videos omg she has a hella cool wool dreadloc tutorials for extentions and it got me distracted googling that and a potential wig what is called a headfall that is like a fancy doo rag with dreadlocs attached for that bad hairday going to Walmart perhaps?

Aya Designs

Other search results included from the Huffs article the highlighted DGrade to a company named Waste2wear...so they even have a bottle used counter on a site called Eco-fi claiming that 60 million plastic bottles go into landfills from the U.S. FRIKING DAILY and their salvage is at 350,000,000 and actively counting upwards fast.

Even better Foss Manufacturing recycling since the 1950's makes all sort of things out of recycled polyester watch their video [here]

[HERE] is a link to Nat Geo on plastic pollution.

check out the [source] story

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