Sunday, January 23, 2011

Some Trash Is Other's Treasure!

While crawling in The Virtual Dumpster I call the Internet:

Found another BlogWorthy Barbie!

[Source Link: OOAK Barbies
Last September, I did a post on Altered Barbies. My "Barbie-The Undead and more.." is my second most viewed.  "Robbing Banksy" is my top viewed post. My hit count went from 38 in early September to 2052 right now.  Amazing!  Yet these are only due to the images.

It is no big deal that I don't have a dedicated following who comment.  I blog selfishly to please myself and to put an electronic imprint of my bizarro on the world wide web.  But let me retype...I actually get stoked when someone comments, and thank you very much!

I pride myself that my blog is animated, colorful and has sound!  I keep it to an urban theme based on the Dumpster concept.  I feel it is unique in it's design.

If you go to the Barbie source check out some that are selling for $350 bucks!

 Who know's? If you ever watched Battlestar Galactica or Caprica, they could compile my electronic imprint and make an avatar for the virtual world . This avatar could be downloaded to a Cylon!  Later they could design a flesh job Cylon that does not gain weight or age. I could still blog from the deck of the yacht of some human fool who adores me, feeding me grapes in the sun.

Narcissus by Caravaggio 1599 manipulated using GIMP 
added to "Profane The Arts Project" 
Madeline Woe 2011.

From Ovid's Story of Echo and Narcissus [link]

"No mountains rise, nor oceans flow between.
A shallow water hinders my embrace;
And yet the lovely mimick wears a face
That kindly smiles, and when I bend to join
My lips to his, he fondly bends to mine.
Hear, gentle youth, and pity my complaint,
Come from thy well, thou fair inhabitant.
My charms an easy conquest have obtain'd
O'er other hearts, by thee alone disdain'd.
But why should I despair? I'm sure he burns
With equal flames, and languishes by turns.
When-e'er I stoop, he offers at a kiss,
And when my arms I stretch, he stretches his.
His eye with pleasure on my face he keeps,
He smiles my smiles, and when I weep he weeps.
When e'er I speak, his moving lips appear
To utter something, which I cannot hear".

Actually my favorite of Salvadore Dali is "Metamorphosis"
"To the cold shades his flitting ghost retires,
And in the Stygian waves it self admires.
For him the Naiads and the Dryads mourn,
Whom the sad Echo answers in her turn;
And now the sister-nymphs prepare his urn:
When, looking for his corps, they only found
A rising stalk, with yellow blossoms crown'd".


Bouncin' Barb said...

Great pics. That mirror mirror was particularly good. The last one reminds me that warmer weather is coming.

My Blonde Moments - Sharon said...

Maybe I'm just blind... but how does a person go about following you? I'm a fellow Ideehoan :)

Bluezy said...

Sorry. It IS hard to see it in the upper left corner next to the blogger search bar. I chose not to put the widget in.

Blogger said...

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