Wednesday, November 4, 2020


 As I Crawl In The Virtual Dumpster That Is The Internet....


We fight for PEACE.

The struggle for Peace is a conundrum in life.

 We can give the elements weight atomically...but can you put a weight stamp on our souls? 

Nov. 5th will determine how we weigh as Americans. 



A bit of rock and roll lyrics that fit the mode of the times.

Below is a time lapsed chronology of WAR  

And then some cerebral punk rock fits another mode...

This is what a local treasure in the Coastal Bend Ty Dietz wrote of a friend....
He is on Amazon.
My 6 yr old grand daughter saw him play at a local restaurant and calls him Ky Beats.
My auntie never recovered mentally from the loss of my cousin in Nam.
Fighting for peace....WTF IDK


Michelle said...

Love the music. I almost added music to mine this year.. then forgot. LOL

The video of wars missed many, I think. I'm from Africa and expected more dots, from my knowledge.

Peace day blessings to you.

Mimi Lenox said...

Bluezy - What a fascinating video on conflict! I will revisit and study it more in the future. I can always count on you to jolt my senses with your peace post.
As the votes come in, it's comforting to know that people are simulataneously posting peace. Thank you.


Bluezy (aka Susan) said...

Peace to you.

Bluezy (aka Susan) said...

Peace to all the Bloggers today! It is like a constant battle to try to stomp on an EVERFIRE of despair and bad things.If we weigh the concept....all who dictate and have peace in them....are more and more and more ESPECIALLY ON NOV 4TH EACH YEAR!

Sherry Blue Sky said...

The virtual dumpster of the internet made me smile. I have been awake most of the night. I live in Canada, but am deeply impacted by what is happening to our neighbours. Best wishes to you and yours for brighter times.

Tink said...

Thanks for participating. The time-lapse video is fascinating and worrying at the same time... I wish you peace!

Mama Pajama said...

'fighting' and 'struggling' for peace fills me with less hope that 'working towards' peace, or even 'finding' peace...but yeah, Bad Religion and the Stones!